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Any individual person, or company formed, established and registered under the Companies Act, or partnership formed, established and registered under the Partnership Act, or any proprietary firm duly formed, or any other concern engaged in the business of seed trade, or any seed producers’ Representative offices which is running or has been established for running the business of seed trade, may upon applying in writing to the General Secretary of the Association, become a member in the name of the individual person, Company/firm or its/their authorized Representative, as the case may be, of the Association on payment of admission fee and subscription as par the relevant Articles of the Association. The General Secretary of the Association will place the application (s) before the Executive Committee for approval and the decision of the Executive Committee for or against any candidate for admission as member shall be final. A candidate thus admitted by the Executive Committee shall forthwith become a member of the Association and shall be subject to all rules and regulations of the Association.

Categories of Members

A. General Members:

There will be two categories of General Members as follows:

(a) Seed Industry, meaning any industry or establishment or company or organization or institution which has a minimum of two types of capabilities, capacities and facilities out of the following six -
  • Research & Development (R&D), Varietal development and Plant Breeding.
  • Seed production and multiplication firm for any kind or variety (Notified or non-notified crops) of seeds,
  • Seed production or contract grower and system for any kind of variety (notified or non-notified crops) of seeds,
  • Seed processing, preservation and packaging, with internal quality control facilities.
  • Import/export of seeds,
  • Marketing and Distribution of seeds.
(b) Seed Dealer, meaning any person involved in carrying on the business of seed selling, keeping or stocking for sale, bartering or otherwise supplying any seed of any kind or variety at any place of the country for agricultural purpose, under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of license granted to him by the National Seed Board.

B. Associate Members:

Any establishment or company or organization or institution which does not qualify to be a General Member, may be admitted as an Associate Member and they shall not have any voting rights. Associate Member will not be eligible to propose any candidate, nor shall they be eligible to be candidate in any election to any post in the Executive Committee of the Association.